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The Regiment Rolls Out the Welcome Wagon

A/N While the Battery’s high profile friendly with Rangers FC of Scotland isn’t until next week, players have arrived to get acclimatized, with fans not too far behind. With that in mind, The Regiment thought it best to give our guests some tips on how to enjoy Charleston to the fullest, highlighting some go-to spots in the Holy City.

Welcome to Charleston!

No honestly, we are glad to have you. We take hospitality seriously down here in the South, especially here in Charleston. We have a long tradition over the years of hosting visiting supporters at our tailgates and hope you can join us. We are in the minds that we can all drink and share some food before and after the match, with a 90-minute break to support our clubs. Our tailgate starts around 5:30 and we hope you will stop by, say hi and grab a quick bite and drink.

For the Rangers match, we will be serving up our famous Regiment pork tenderloin, chicken, hot dogs and some sausage bites. We also will be serving a lowcountry favorite, Frogmore stew (also known as a lowcountry boil.) Don’t worry, there aren’t any frogs in it! It’s a boil consisting of potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp. Typically dumped in the middle of the table and meant to be shared by all with a cold beer or two.

The Charleston Battery are one of the oldest continuously run clubs in US soccer. The name gives a nod to the military history of Charleston, known for the battery of cannons that protected the harbor. The Battery started 1993, three years before MLS and a year before the US hosted the 1994 World Cup. The Battery have won four championships and in 1999 was the first to build a professional Soccer Specific Stadium. Over the years, the stadium has hosted teams West Brom, Bolton, Portsmouth and Sunderland as well as most MLS teams.

We hope you enjoy the match and get a chance to explore our city. You’ll find plenty to do around the “Holy City” but like any stranger in a new town, it can be a bit daunting to figure out what to see, where to go and where to eat and drink. With that in mind we put together a little cheat sheet of our favorite Charleston bits.


Where to go:

Charleston has a long history. Surviving the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, earthquakes, fires and hurricanes. Some highlights we recommend are: Start with a carriage ride, it gives you a good sense of history and places to see, head to the Market and pick up some local art or a sweetgrass basket. A stroll along Waterfront Park down to White Point Garden (commonly known as the Battery) and take in the historic homes and architecture. If you have more time go to the first museum in the US at Charleston Museum. Catch the boat to Ft. Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War began. Kids always love the South Carolina Aquarium and the USS Yorktown is a popular spot too. If you have a couple days, head to one of the plantations, find the Angel Oak, and go to one of the beaches.

Where to Eat:

Charleston is a great food town, from swank nationally acclaimed restaurants to hole in the wall soul food joints. There are so many choices it’s tough to name just a few so here’s a link to a local guide to eating. Our favorites: The Codfather, Battery fan and Brit, Adam Randal’s new fish and chip shop is getting rave reviews and well deserved. Tattoo Moose for a duck club sandwich and duck fat fries. BBQ at Bessingers, Swig and Swine or Lewis’ if you can get in. Martha Lou’s for the best fried chicken and soul food ever.

Where to Drink:

Charleston has a long tradition of drinking! You won’t have any problem finding nightlife to suit your taste. Start with a tour of one of the many local breweries. Three of them have paired with the Battery to produce Battery themed beers. Frothy Beard, Holy City and Oak Street breweries. Holy City also makes an award winning porter called Pluff Mud Porter and a personal favorite. Check out the list here:

After, head out for some nightlife. Here is a list of the 33 hottest bars in the area right now. Our recommendation is Madra Rua Irish pub, The Sparrow, The Mill, Local 616, The Tin Roof, The Recovery Room, AC’s Bar and Grill, and the Griffin. Our selection is more the dive bar live music type spot but you can find some excellent cocktail bars and dance clubs too. Check out the list. You will also notice there are a lot of bars along King Street downtown. If you can only get to one area, this will give you the biggest selection all within walking (or stumbling) distance


2016, Regiment News

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  1. Can’t wait to get there and meet all the other Rangers fans. Looking forward to the S.C hospitality and meeting the locals. Very interested in the history of the area and the architecture so will be going out to teh fort and doing a bit of sketching in the older part of town.


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