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Battery, Rowdies SCs announce No Quarter Derby

Supporter’s Clubs of both the Charleston Battery and Tampa Bay Rowdies, including The Regiment, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Ralph’s Mob and Skyway Casuals, have announced the No Quarter Derby.

The name of the derby is inspired by both Charleston and Tampa’s seafaring heritage, and is a collaboration between two of the most storied clubs in American Football history. It is the third such derby the Black and Yellow have been involved in, after the Southern Derby Cup between the teams of the Carolinas and Georgia, and the Old Guard Shield, between the USL’s oldest members.

Charleston and Tampa face each other twice in 2019, and the winner will be determined through aggregate score of the two matches. There are three tie breakers: Away goals, Fair Play Points, or, in the event that the teams are not separated by these two, it will come down to a Coin Toss.

The winners earn the right to keep the trophy, styled as a pirate’s treasure chest, for the entirety of the following season. The losers will be required to fill the chest with local spirits for the victors to enjoy, while the winner’s names will be displayed on the trophy every year.

The two teams face each other at Al Lang Stadium for the first time on Saturday, June 15, and for the again at MUSC Health Stadium on Saturday, August 3rd.

Photos courtesy Ross Almers Photography


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