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Some Questions With… Matt Sheldon

Charleston Battery defender Matt Sheldon was kind enough to take some time to answer our questions recently. We’d like to thank him and the team for his time. See his answers below:

BYP: What are the differences between Tulsa & Charleston? How are you settling in?

MS: Both cities are definitely very different. Tulsa’s very midwestern, very suburban. I loved it. I love the low vibe of it, it’s very chill. And then here in Charleston, there’s this high energy, it’s an up-and-coming city with a ton of things to do. I love the atmosphere here with the beaches and the weather and the palm trees. So (they’re very different but both cities have their own cool thing and them.

BYP: What’s your appraisal of the season so far?

MS: So far it’s been tough, we haven’t had the best run to start, but I think the bones are there. Once we start clicking and coming together as a unit, and really learn the system, since a lot of the players and the coaches are new then we’ll have a lot of quality going forward

BYP: Is there a certain level of pressure being Conor Casey’s first signing?

MS: I think that whenever you’re one of the first signings and one of the new guys to come in there’s definitely some pressure that comes with that, but I like it. I think that any pressure is good pressure and you have to rise to that.

BYP: What were your goals when starting your Podcast & YouTube Channel?

Originally, it was just to do something with the extra free time I had as I made the transition to the pro level. I really like coaching, I loved studying (and) learning the game as best I could, and I wanted to do something in my free time just as an extra distraction off the field, but then it progressed to more about my life and showing what it took behind the scenes and being a Pro. I took it from there and I’m trying to keep on filming as best I can for people and players for that behind-the-scenes look at being a Pro.

BYP: What are your short-term goals for the games ahead?

For a team aspect, definitely getting wins and getting points. Any points that we can possibly get is (The short-term goal). For me individually, I want to try to get on the stats sheet. Maybe alleviate some of that pressure, whether that be a goal or an assist here or there, whether it be in defense or attack. But honestly just helping my team any way I can and helping them pick up points on the field.

Matt Sheldon has been one of the mainstays in Conor Casey’s side in the early season, and following a 1-1 draw with Louisville, the Battery next face off against the Birmingham Legion on Wednesday, April 27th away from home. The match will be streamed on ESPN+


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