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Some Questions With… Joe Schmidt

Another of the Charleston Battery’s new recruits was on hand to answer our questions this week. Joe Schmidt, who signed after an impressive preseason as a trialist and a solid career in College at Indiana is this week’s focus in our Q&A session.

How are you settling into life as a professional footballer? Are there any big differences?

“Yeah, I love it. This has been my dream since I was a kid, to be a pro. So I’m cherishing every moment. I would say the biggest difference is not having to get up and go to class every day, so obviously I have a bit more free time to take care of myself (and) my body, I’m trying to cook some new foods and pick up a couple hobbies, so I’m enjoying it!”

You made a very big first impression on the pitch, you seem like a player that wears his heart on his sleeve, is that something you have had to build, or does it come naturally?

“I play with a lot of passion and I think that grit has always been something that’s been ingrained in me since I was a kid. I try and show that every time I’m on the field and it’s cool to hear that from the fans. I’m trying to live up to that impression.”

How big is it for you that the Charleston Battery is your first pro team?

“Again, I’ve heard about the Battery since I was a little kid and it’s pretty surreal to be playing here for this club, this historic team, and in such a great city.”

Assessment of your personal season so far?

“Personally, there are some things I know I could work on. And as a team, obviously, the results haven’t been there, but we know that it’ll only get better through continuous hard work and grit. Hopefully, with that, we’ll be able to get back on track and make a playoff push.”

Who has been the biggest influence in the team you as a Rookie?

“I live with Mauro Cichero. He’s been a great guy, bringing me along and introducing me to people. He’s also shown me around town and been a really good influence, so I’m glad I got paired up with him as a roommate!”

We’d like to thank Joe for his time. The Battery next face Memphis 901 FC on May 7th. You can purchase tickets online at the Charleston Battery website, or stream the match on ESPN+.


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