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Some Questions With… Brett St. Martin

Charleston Battery rookie Brett St. Martin was kind enough to answer our questions this week. The defender joined the Battery after his time with the University of Maryland ended, having won a National Championship for a school that he says was a “very professional” environment. Read on for what he had to say

BYP: What has life been like as a rookie for you?

BsM: It’s been good! We have a good group of rookies that have come in, have bonded really quickly, and have become friends, become brothers. Really made it a good environment, we’ve all bonded on the field as well as off the field and made it a brotherhood as much as we can. I think everyone’s done a pretty good job at that.

BYP: You were part of the team at Maryland who became National Champions, even playing at such a high level, have you seen a difference in the College and Pro game?

BsM:: It’s very professional. At Maryland we like to have a professional environment, and that translates very well to the Pros. I think coming here kind of sets you up well to come into this environment and not have to raise your level as such, but to have that expectation that you can perform here and hit the ground running. I think on the field, teams will punish you more if you make mistakes, and I think that’s something that we’ve struggled with this year and I think we have to cut that out there.

BYP: What’s your favorite thing about Charleston so far?

BsM:: I love to go golfing. Also going fishing on the beach and hanging out at the beach in general. It’s a beautiful city here with beautiful weather and you can’t really complain.

So who do you usually hang out with?

Joe Schmidt, Kyle Holcomb, Preston (Kilwein) Aidan (Apodaca), there’s a lot of guys I could name, we’ve meshed very well. We don’t really have any cancers in the team. I think we have a great locker room and good leadership. I think it’s a great group, I think we just need to start gelling on the field and getting some results.

And who’s the best golfer?

Hmmm… Best golfer is probably Aidan, I’ve gone out with him a couple times and he’s very good. He’s definitely better than me. I’ll have to get better so I can beat him one day (laughs).

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the professional game so far?
Just that the speed of the game is different. At Maryland we liked to keep the ball and have possession. We’ve transitioned to that over here as well, and open teams up, and I think that’s the way forward for us and a way to break teams down and get results.


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