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Some Questions With… DZ Harmon

Fresh off of an injury layoff, Charleston Battery winger DZ Harmon was kind enough to answer our questions this week. One of the brightest of a returning core of players from 2021, DZ started well in the new campaign before his time on the sideline, but is now an integral part of a Black and Yellow side that needs to find its way back on track. Read on for his answers…

BYP: You had a bit of an injury layoff, what have you gained in that time? Perspective? Hunger?

DH: At first, it was tough. But later on, through the injury it was good for me mentally because I took that time to realign my mind with what I need to do… You know, get my mind right. I was able to watch the boys play and think about what I could do to help the team, so I’m now coming back trying to help the team as much as I can.

BYP: We’ve talked to a few of the guys who’ve said that the group is tight knit, how important is that to you in a poor run such as this for the team?

DH: It helps a lot because a lot of the success of a team is to do with the energy in the group. If the energy in the group is positive, there’s a higher chance of getting results. If everyone has a positive mindset and everybody wants to win, we’re not too down about the [bad] results.

Any best friends on the team?

Hmm… I’m not sure. Everybody’s pretty close in the team and I don’t like to pick!

What do you like to do outside training and games, when you’re hanging out?

DH: We like to chill at the pool, go to the beach sometimes, chill together and play FIFA, stuff like that.

You have an art account on Instagram, and you’re the resident barber. what does art give you as a hobby, and who’s the most difficult to cut?

Art is something I’ve done since I was a little kid. It’s something I love to do and it relaxes me a lot; takes my mind off of the game.

In terms of cutting hair, it’s something that started when COVID first hit, so I mean cutting the boys’ hair is a team bonding [experience] like a one-on-one with the person you’re cutting, it’s cool. Most difficult to cut is probably Roma [Piggott] just because every time he gets it cut he wants something different. I could get him in the chair and every time, he wants something new. (laughs)

So who’s the easiest, like if you cut for someone it could be terrible but they wouldn’t know?

I’d say Benji (Ettienne), just because he gets it cut every week!

How does being Vegan impact things like pregame meals when the known thing is usually to eat a healthy dose of things like Red Meat?

It’s not as tough as most people would think. Most times, when we have a home game, I’ll make my own meals and for away games, hotels provide very good quality meals, vegan as well, so everything just goes smoothly.

So what are your favorite dishes?

I cook a lot of vegetables, tofu… Quinoa, stuff like that.

So what is your go-to for matchdays?

For matchdays, I like to go light. Usually just vegetables, a little bit of tofu, not much and like a half serving of quinoa, yeah.

Thanks again to DZ for his time. As a reminder, the Battery face the Pittsburgh Riverhounds on Saturday, June 11th. The team will be wearing special kits in honor of Pride Night and will be auctioning off match-worn jerseys in aid of Charleston Pride and local Advocacy group We Are Family. The match kicks off at 7PM, and you can stream the match via ESPN+ if you can’t make it out to Patriot’s Point.


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