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Some Questions With… Enock Kwakwa

Charleston Battery midfielder Enock Kwakwa spoke to us ahead of the Black and Yellow’s trip to Miami on Wednesday. Kwakwa has spent most of his career in Europe after graduating from Ghana’s Right To Dream academy and being signed by Manchester City along with Battery teammate Dominic Oduro. Prior to joining the Battery, he spent three years with Swedish side Jönköpings Södra IF, Read on for his answers.

Since joining, you’ve been in and out of the team with injury, how has that affected you?

I think my injuries have allowed me to learn a lot, both on the field and off the field. I think Bobby (Weisenberger) and the team have helped me get back quicker, but they were also hoping for me to be back fitter. It’s been on and off, and it’s been difficult for me. But I always keep myself fit and try to make everything possible. Thanks to Bobby and the staff for helping me get back on the field as soon as possible..

All I know is football. (Laughs) so I do watch our games and I watch the games of the teams we’re going to play against. Even when I don’t play, I watch our games over and over again to see how I can help the team, because when you’re playing, sometimes you can’t see a lot, but when you watch the game back you can see more.

We spoke to Dominic Oduro last week, how has having him here helped you settle in?

Dom is like blood to me. (smiles) I’ve known him for a long time! He’s a quiet guy, he barely talks, but I love him, I’m really happy to have him here with me. [Because] we do speak in our local language, even though in Ghana, I would say English is our first language. I’m definitely happy to have Dom here. We’ve been doing our driver’s licenses, and that’s the main thing I wanted to do since it’s so big here in the States and you have to drive everywhere. Dom is doing that with me; it’s been good. We’ve been in town everywhere I go I try to have him with me.

Is the opportunity to play alongside Dom again after your previous time together something you’re looking forward to?

It’s good, but it depends on what the coach is wanting, and also on what happens in training. It’s always good to play; whoever I’m playing with and I always give 100%. If me and Dom do play, we enjoy it, we speak our local language, football is about communication, but whenever I get to play, I enjoy playing with anyone in the team.

What would you say is your best position? Mostly you’ve been put in midfield, do you feel comfortable further forward or protecting the back four?

I’ve always played in those positions for most of my career, as a six (defensive midfield) or an eight (box to box) I try my best to bring my best to every position I play. I like learning the basics and then bringing a bit of myself to every role. But I’m happy to play anywhere.

Thanks to Enock for his time. The Battery play The Miami FC on Wednesday, July 13th, with kick off at 7PM. You can stream the match on ESPN+.


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