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Some Questions With… Robbie Crawford

Charleston Battery midfielder Robbie Crawford was kind enough to answer our questions this week. After two successful seasons with the Battery, Crawford made a move to Monterrey Bay FC before returning to the Black and Yellow for a third campaign having made 11 appearances out west, where he tallied four assists. Read on for what he had to say.

What’s it like being back in Charleston? What made the move easiest for you?

What made it easier… In some ways it’s like I never left. A lot of familiar faces, and then on the other side of it there’s obviously a new coaching staff, new philosophies, and new training methods to get used to… But what made it easier for me was that obviously, I was here for two years previously, and a lot of the guys from last year are still here. And then from a personal standpoint, my wife’s here, and it’s been amazing on that front.

Photo credit Ben Clemens, Michael Wiser

There’s been a lot of change since last year, how well have you settled in?

Settled in nicely, yeah. Obviously, they’ve [the team} had a long, challenging year. I’ve seen it from afar. They’ve had a lot of games where results haven’t gone quite as they’d hoped at the start of the year, but I’ve settled in well and the boys have welcomed me, and personally it’d be great to help them get some wins.

How has your time at Monterrey influenced you?


I was working under a really experienced coach, which was great. Obviously, you’re gonna learn something everywhere you go, but especially as someone who’s had a successful career as a player and a coach is going to be good. But from a personal standpoint, being so far away from family, both in this country and even further away from family in the UK was definitely challenging. It was a bit of an adaptation. Nothing that I hadn’t experienced before, but I suppose that’s part of the challenge, really.

Do you think you offer a little something different to Coach Casey’s playing style than Coach Anhaeuser’s?

The team here had a different philosophy in terms of their pressing at the start of the year, and they’re trying to make it a little more possession based. I think that’s why I’m back. I think my strength is being on the ball, bringing energy, bringing experience… In some ways, it’s not really too different because that’s just the way I play, and what I always want to bring to the team.

What are the biggest differences in your time here previously and now?

There’s been a few developments on the stadium front, with the lockers, we have a new media room… The GPS, I mean, we had that previously, but I feel like there’s a bit more infrastructure I guess you’d say. All those things have improved… In terms of Fanbase, I mean… The support has been amazing. I look back on those times [here previously] and the stadium’s always been full, so not much there has changed. And Coach Anhaeuser was obviously here a long time, so there’s going to be an adjustment period of course, but there’s a few little things.

Thanks to Robbie for his time ahead of a busy week for the Battery as we next face New York Red Bulls II. Kick off is slated for 7PM and the match will be available to stream on ESPN+.


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