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Some Questions With… Leland Archer

Having recently passed 100 appearances for the Black and Yellow, Charleston Battery center back Leland Archer was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss what he’s learned from the new boss, his role in the squad, things he’s learned throughout his career, and more. Read on for what he had to say.

BYP: How has your role changed in the team under the new regime, if at all?


LA: [They] give me a lot of responsibility in terms of leadership-wise… Talking more, [and] leading more from the back, I think it’s given me the opportunity to kind of be more of a presence.

BYP: [Coach Pirmann] obviously seems to value that communication, would you count that as something that’s been key to how the season has started?

LA: Yeah, I think so. Even if it’s just a small detail, he always wants us to be communicating with each other. I think that translates well directly to games.

What have you learned so far from Coach and his staff?

LA: For myself, me personally, more in the sense of not relaxing, not taking days off mentally. Always being tuned in no matter what we do.

You just passed 100 USL Championship appearances for the Battery. What have you learned in that time about yourself and as a player?

Honestly, I didn’t think I was gonna get to 100. [Laughs] But I don’t know. I’ve learned some resilience in the sense that I’ve stuck with it. Although not every aspect of it has been ups, there’s been ups and downs… It’s been worthwhile.

Building on that, what would you tell yourself at the start of your career that you know now?

I would tell myself a few things. Like that first point, about not taking days off mentally. Always be focused on the next day, the next training session. I’d also say to stick with it. Obviously, there are always ups and downs. For example, last year wasn’t our best year. Not giving up too easily, or letting it affect the rest of my career.

We mentioned the new regime, the new coach, and all that. Obviously, we have a lot of new players, too. How, with you being one of the more experienced guys, has been working with some of the new boys like AJ Cochran and Juan Sebastian Palma, Deklan Wynne? How have you guys got along?

Yeah, there’s been some good players that have come in. I think they push us daily in the sense that everybody’s competing for spots, so it’s good for us. It’s good to have that level being raised and challenged by each other.

Who of the new players have you gravitated towards?

I’m the kind of guy that is good with everyone. Deklan sits next in the locker room so I talk to him a lot. Derek (Dodson) is a jokester, always in and around the jokes, so I really like him.

Thanks again to Leland for his time. The Battery next face Louisville City FC on April 22nd at Patriots Point. Kick-off is at 7:30, and for those who can’t get down to the match, it will be streamed on ESPN+.


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