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Road Warriors: Three rules for Regiment away days.

A/N: Regiment Prez Mike Buytas is back for another Regiment update. This time he highlights the importance of the fans’ presence on their travels as well as at Home.

As the Battery head to their first away match of the season, it isn’t uncommon to see Battery fans sporting black and yellow wherever they are playing. Not a surprising fact given the Battery’s long history. Often these fans are friends or family of players. Some have connected to the Battery one way or another. Others have lived in Charleston for one reason or another and fell in love with Battery.

But there are a few diehards that travel to away matches as often as possible.

The Regiment tries to facilitate these fans as much as possible, either coordinating group tickets, car pools and caravans to organizing charter buses (look for details on our annual bus trip soon!) And similar to the way the way the Regiment extends an invitation to join their tailgates to visiting fans, often the rival supporters group so the same.

Road trips to these matches offer a chance to experience your team in a different environment and make some new friends. Maybe trade a scarf or partake in a local beer. And without a doubt, the players certainly appreciate the support away from home.

This Friday the Battery’s travels will take them to the outskirts of Orlando and Melbourne Florida where they will take on Orlando City B. If you’re making the trip down here are a couple pointers:

  1. Always be Classy Battery fans have a good reputation around the league. We are from the friendliest city in America after all! Let’s keep it that way!
  2. Tailgate Tailgating is a great way of meeting the opposing fans and having a good time. Take some swag to trade!
  3. Get in Touch With the Regiment that is. We have a very good relationship with our front office and chance are we can help with discounted tickets and let you know about others going down and any tailgates or events to check out. Message us on Facebook twitter @TheRegiment2 or via our website
Remember you can visit The Regiment’s Facebook page by clicking the link on our site

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