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Some Questions With… Tristan Weber

Charleston Battery defender Tristan Weber spoke to us for the newest edition of “Some Questions With…”. Another 2022 signing to swap the West coast for the East, despite only being 22, Weber has experience playing in the USL for Orange County FC and Las Vegas Lights. Read on to hear what he had to say:

BYP: Defensively, we haven’t been great this season. What are the keys to changing that in your opinion and what do you think you can do personally as part of that?

TW: Yeah. I know things haven’t been going our way, but the biggest thing, I think, is to keep going with coach’s plan, keep going together, keep being the family that we are. At the end of the day, the best way to be a part of that is to keep talking, keep leading, [whether] on the pitch, off the pitch… Having each other’s back is the biggest thing because if we start getting down on each other, it’s just going to make things worse.

We’ve seen a couple of different looks in terms of formation from the team this year to try out different things. Have you been comfortable with that?

I think formation changes have been a good thing, just because what matters most is the results, and what we were doing wasn’t working. In some ways it had, and I enjoyed playing in that position, but I think switching was a good idea because we need those results and we need to do whatever it takes.

While results haven’t been easy to come by, the group as a whole seems very tight knit. Does that help the focus and the sense of togetherness in training?

I think this group is really tight night. I think everybody gets along, everybody fights for each other, everyone has each other’s backs. I think that really helps when things aren’t going good. Even when they are going good, to really have each other’s back.

Any best friends?

I wouldn’t say best friends. I was close with Matteo (Rittaccio) when he was here. I’d say I get along with everyone really well. We all have very close relationships.

As a defender, life can be different on the pitch in the east. The west is quite fast paced and a lot of defenders are asked to do different things for a lot of teams. How have you adapted from your time at OC and Vegas?

I wouldn’t say it’s totally different, they’re pretty close to each other, but I’d say the west is more fast paced, counter attacking, go, go, go, whereas here you’re sitting in a block and defending for a while and then going on the attack. I’d say it’s more of a defensive style, which has helped my game a lot.

One thing (to adapt) is definitely the humidity. That has been something to get used to! [smiles] but it’s very beautiful here and it’s helped me get used to living here. Being from California, being close to the beach is very nice. Obviously, I didn’t have that last year in Vegas, but [the community] here is very welcoming. They’re very supportive of us, and they’ve really helped me feel at home, where as last year at a team like Vegas, I didn’t really feel in touch with the fans at all.

What are some things you like to do around Charleston? We hear you like to surf?

I do like to surf! I haven’t actually gone out surfing here, because I don’t have my boards, but what I’ve really enjoyed is going to the beach and exploring around Charleston. It’s a very beautiful city and being able to just go and explore a new area has been good for me. I think the biggest thing for me is being able to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and go and swim in the water (smiles)

Lastly, you’ve rocked a lot of hairstyles this year, aren’t we on our fourth? Is that something you like to do?

Yessir. (laughs) I dunno, it’s always been something I’ve done and it’s part of who I am, just changing my hair whenever. I came with long hair, and I don’t think I’ve ever grown out my hair that long. It became a thing, and it felt like “Ahh, well. I’ll stick with this for awhile.” But yeah, it’s just part of my personality, just to change things up, ’cause as a soccer player, you’re able to do those things, and as a kid, I was always one to win crazy hair day and it’s just something that’s just grown with me since being a kid.

As always, thanks to Tristan for his time. The Battery next face the Colorado Springs Switchbacks on Friday, July 22. Kick off is at 9PM and you can stream the match on ESPN+.


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